Safeguard Your Worksites

Protect your workers and projects with award winning Generative AI based video analytics technology that predicts and prevents accidents.

Winner of the WSHAsia Award 2023


Design and assemble a bespoke solution for all your workplace safety and productivity needs. Our platform enables customers to go from idea to implementation in a matter of minutes.

SOTA AI for Workplace Safety

We have developed a state of the art object detection model for the workplace safety domain.

Easy to Use

Implement policies and create compliance reports with a flexible and intuitive interface. Use the Safety Score to calculate ROI and reduce liability.

AI Marketplace

Get access to 100s of use cases based on open-source models or bring your own model to HUB.

Generative AI

No need to label or annotate bounding boxes, we use Generative AI for automated object detection. Fine-tune a model to detect a new object with as few as 5 images in 5 mins.

Edge App HUB
Edge AI platform

Access 100s of algorithms instantly with real-time insights to prevent accidents. Install once and make any camera smart to implement your use case in seconds. Monitor worksites in real-time to quickly identify and address any safety concerns. Ensure compliance with company safety policies and regulations with our customizable policy engine. Stay informed with detailed reports and analytics on your worksite's safety performance. Tower
Mobile Deployment Kit

A self contained kit that includes a HUB, 4G internet, 2 cameras, a screen, a power back up with UPS and an industrial socket point for charging, all packaged in an IP66 weatherproof enclosure. The Tower is primarily targeted for worksites where the deployment of CCTV cameras and network connectivity is a challenge. It is powered by existing industrial power generators or solar panels on site and can also be mounted on poles as needed. Tower Sentinel Sentinel
Automated Surveillance

A monitoring and surveillance application that enables visual Q&A and video captioning for existing CCTV cameras. Sentinel uses generative AI and LLMs to automatically analyse live video feeds from CCTV cameras to recognise activities and record them as text. The live video feeds can also be queried in natural language to answer questions in a chatGPT like interface.

Workplace Safety Solution

Workplace Safety

Our workplace safety solution includes PPE detection, proximity detection and exclusion zones. Together these use cases ensure that workers are wearing the required personal protective equipment, maintain safe distances from machinery and avoid prohibited areas. Safety incident response is supported with alerts, notifications and reporting.